Lessons in the Key of Today™

…with Miss Sense and Simplicity™, is a daily blog and podcast that serves to connect us to the current cycles and seasons so as to empower us to work with the energy and move gracefully through each day, offering thoughts on the continuing story in the sky, with encouragement & a little common sense.

Miss Sense & Simplicity™ aka Katherine Fairlight Young, is a singer/songwriter, recording artist, spoken word poet, author, blogger, certified coach, intuitive astrologue, wife, mom, and singer for the band, Simple Souls, who recently released their debut album, Naked & Undone, a collection of original and powerful songs. After retiring from a career in real estate that spanned 2 decades, Katherine decided to follow her heart and passions. She tells that story in her book, Wannabe: How to Raise Authentic Kids, part primer and in part the story of her own journey to authenticity. She writes a daily blog, Lessons in the Key of Today™, connecting us to the current cycles and energies. She loves flowers, tea and simple things. She also co-authored the indie acoustic holiday rock opera, “The Other Side of Visible™” with her husband Cal Young. Their heartfelt soulful music is available for download and on CD.
Visit Simple Souls website: SimpleSoulsBand.com

Feel Good Stuff…

“Thank you. I needed to hear that today. Thank you for connecting me to the rhythm in my life.”

“Another inspirational message that provides much to ponder. It helps me explore thoughts and feelings I would not otherwise have discovered. Thank you, Katherine, once again!”

“You have a beautiful way of writing. It’s artistry and you paint with words. Thank You!”

“Thought provoking and inspiring. Thank you for being present in the world and serving as a guide.”

“Katherine is a wonderful and powerful ally for the journey.”

“Katherine exudes a magic quality that draws you in.  She has a magnetic personality and you are immediately able to tell that she has depth, can be trusted, has your interests at heart, and that she genuinely cares.  She is an excellent listener and gives you her full attention.  She is patient, making sure that she hears and understands not only what you are saying; but what you mean and what message you are attempting to convey.  Katherine provides thoughtful insight and is able to share her experience in a helpful and constructive way.  The cherry on top is her heavenly singing voice and songwriting.”