Aug 17th: The Flow of Life

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Lessons in the Key of Today for Thursday August 17th, 2017:


From today, no more paddling upstream. You’ve done this long enough. It’s your time to go with the flow of life.

–Jason Stephenson

There is a great deal of support in the air for you to move forward, even though it feels like you are stuck. I would like to challenge the reality of that ‘stuckness.’

I wonder… have you been getting an intensive education of sorts as of late? Like a crash course in Life? Have you been expanding what you know? Has your mind been expanding? Are you learning a new craft, or skill, or updating or upgrading an old one?  What would you like to do with what you have gained or learned? Where would you like to go from here?

Today’s tune has a message for you, but it may not be the sort of story you expect. The melody is one of Love, but the Love is the inside-job-kind. This is the territory where we find the mindset that must be challenged. We are being prompted to love our inner self, our inner child, our artist-child as if it were one of our own children.

Like the glee found in playfulness, Spirit flows from, and through, our childlike innocence and faith.

When you are faced with the question of whether to put your trust in something, do you waiver, fearful of the outcome? Are you particularly reticent to trust the unseen, the Divinity in you, your Higher Power or your Creator-Source?

Here’s a thought… whether you accept or deny the power of Spirit to flow through you, it still remains, active and seeking. Nothing you do, or don’t do, is going to change that. The question is whether you will unite with that power, embrace it, dance with it, make magic with it, co-create with it, and let it flow through you. That will require surrender and trust on your part. 

Yes, that has a childlike quality. Consider it the cost of joy, if you will. Likely, you have played the part of the warrior for a long time, and it may feel vulnerable to lower and put down your sword and stop fighting.

But then again, is fighting working for you?

You have been working hard, getting a hard-won education. But would you like to stop paddling upstream? How about going with the flow for once?

How about a new beginning with what you have learned?

Today’s triad: Faith. Flow. Love.


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