Aug 10th: Transformers

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Lessons in the Key of Today for Thursday August 10th, 2017:


Playfulness, dear friends, is what manifests love. Love is not manifested through serious survivability, seriousness, stabilility. Love, the essence of love, manifests itself through playfulness.
― Réné Gaudette

There is more to you than meets the average eye, isn’t there?

On one hand, you have a handle on what you think is expected of you, and you’re managing it just fine. On the other hand, there is more within you that is desiring to come out, to be birthed, so to speak, into the visible or manifest. It’s pushing from within, longing for fun, flight, playfulness and authenticity, to simply dance with life. There is something childlike about it, and that inner child would like some air time with you. But it has not been easy for it to come out and play for a multitude of reasons.

I wonder… what is your inner child asking of you today? In what arena would he or she like to come out and play? Art, music, dance, movement, writing, creativity, a craft, sunshine, pleasure, ideas, pleasant dreams? Are you paying attention to, and nourishing, that child?

As long as the inner child artist stays in the closet, he/she is going to be mad, sad, depressed, and end up being manipulative and coercive. There are going to be temper tantrums for sure. So what do you say about letting the creature out for a spell and see what happens?

I suggest using today’s energy for exploring your sense of playfulness, open-heartedness, innocent childlike curiosity and see if it transforms the way you see the world. In the adventure of self-discovery, and the exploration of new territory, there is energizing metamorphosis to be found. There is also great power in uniting, or re-uniting, fully with our unique gifts.

Perhaps its time to come out of the chrysalis and fly.

Today’s triad: Time. To. Play.


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