Aug 8th: Give it Time

2 Key of Today Banner_Tuesday

Lessons in the Key of Today for Tuesday August 8th, 2107:


It takes a little time sometimes
To get your feet back on the ground
It takes a little time sometimes
To get the titanic turned back around
It takes a little time sometimes
But baby you’re not going down
It takes more than you’ve got right now
Give it time

– Give it Time by Amy Grant

It takes time to develop a beautiful photograph.

Each of us is blessed with gifts, talents, skills and resources that allow us to have a place in the world, feel purposeful and useful. We are born with some, some are developed over time. As we grow we are more aware of the truth that what we love to do, the thing that brings us true joy, that which we lose track of time while doing, is actually something the world needs more of.

I wonder… what are your natural abilities that offer the world hope? What do you sow that reaps benefits for yourself and others? How has it developed over time?

If you feel there is a delay in the air, there is. You are being called to bring light to the world, but the delay has something to do with polishing the glass and being a pure source of that light. Relax and let the process happen. The time is coming for you to shine, it just takes a little time sometimes.

Trust that it will happen.

Today’s triad: Give. It. Time.


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